Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Immanent Spirit Within

I recently had an interesting discussion about spirituality being immanent or transcendent.


Omamori (お守り) are amulets for protection and blessings. The word “omamori” can be translated to “to protect” or “to guard.”


It’s fun! It’s festive!
Shichi Go San is a special Shinto ceremony in gratitude for the safe growth and development of children at these ages.

New Life as a Manifestation of Kami

New life, whether it’s the birth of a human of the growth of plants and animals—is an expression of divinity. It is mystical, without doubt.

Wage Peace

This week, I’d like to share with you a lovely poem I’ve found. It’s filled with the power of being positive.

More Shrines

The Mikoshi is a portable shrine, traditionally used for 祭 Matsuri festivals. The kami are transferred into the Mikoshi for the festival, and are carried around as part of the celebration. Weighing over 500 lbs, we carried this up the boat ramp at low tide! Having it safely placed inside the haiden was a cause for celebration!

Prayers for Peace

Last Sunday, we came together to send prayers for peace out on the winds: May peace prevail on Earth. May peace be in our homes and countries. May our missions be accomplished.

Musubi: connection

Musubi is the vertical connection between ourselves and the kami, and is also a horizontal connection between all peoples. How do we strengthen these connections?

The meaning of kami 神

The word kami has many layers of complexity. Read more to understand more the rich depth of this term.

Walking meditation

Learn how to do Walking Meditation. We have several walking paths dedicated to this practice at Shin Mei Spiritual Centre.