Shin Mei Spiritual Centre


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Brightness of spirit

We invite you to experience the renewing qualities of Shinto and of Buddhism in the midst of Great Nature.

Shinto teaches us that humans are innately bright and pure; we are descendants of the kami—the spiritual beings of the universe. Through our life actions and experiences, this lustre can be lessened. Through Shinto practice and rituals, we purify ourselves and our environment to restore our original quality of brightness.

Buddhist teachings, over the past two millennia, have helped people lead happier, more peaceful lives. Times change, but these teachings remain a proven and profound guide. Nalandabodhi’s path makes the Buddha’s teachings relevant and approachable for the modern mind. Through study, meditation, and mindful activity we begin to see clearly, open our hearts, and foster a truly meaningful life.

Join us. We offer online and in-person teaching and meditation sessions and rituals at Shin Mei Centre. For schedules and more information, visit the Calendar page.

Tsubaki Grand Shrine, Suzuka Japan

Shin Mei Jinja is the North American branch shrine of Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Suzuka, Japan.