Shin Mei Spiritual Centre



Year End always brings a flurry of activity. Planning and shopping for holidays and celebrations with family and friends. Adjusting to the continuing change in

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Nature Art

This time of year brings such a wide range of colors and textures. The crimson red of the Japanese maple trees at the Centre take

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Find Brightness

There are so many horrific situations in the world. The news brings us real time reports of sorrows, death, and destruction. It can be all

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Omamori (お守り) are amulets for protection and blessings. The word “omamori” can be translated to “to protect” or “to guard.”

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It’s fun! It’s festive!
Shichi Go San is a special Shinto ceremony in gratitude for the safe growth and development of children at these ages.

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Tree Talk

Tree roots extend more than twice the spread of the crown. Roots of neighboring trees inevitably intersect. Thin filaments of fungi also penetrate the ground,

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