Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Shin Mei Spiritual Centre is open daily for prayer and meditation practice; please see section below for descriptions of our programs. Visitors of all faiths are welcome.

Water transportation to Knapp Island for scheduled events is provided at no cost. We recommend that you reserve space on the water taxi by RSVPing on the Calendar listing for the day on which you are coming. For more detailed information on the water taxi service, please click here.



Kinhin is a formal walking meditation practice. In walking, we experience awareness and equanimity of prayer in the form of motion. The simple practice of walking provides the bridge between seated prayer and meditation and engaging in the complex and everchanging activity of our lives with presence, focus, and wisdom.

This practice is centered on living in harmony with Great Nature (Daishizen 大自然). During your meditation walk, focus on being part of the natural world around you. As you walk, shed the impurities and burdens acquired through daily living, restoring your innate, bright and pure nature.

 Kinhin can be practiced independently or in a group. We have 3 formal Meditation Walks at Shin Mei Spiritual Centre:

  • Forest Trail (unity with Great Nature)

  • Meadow Path (protective energy)

  • Pond Path (family and ancestors)

Our Meditation trails are open to all visitors. Please stop in at the Centre when you arrive to register your arrival. We will explain trail locations and provide you with a Walking Meditation guidebook.


9:00 am Chohai [Shinto]—We chant Ō Harahi no Kotoba, the Great Words of Purification for one’s self, community, and world. This is followed by silent meditation, and then recitation of our commitment to activate the kami within all beings and throughout Nature, restoring divinity to all. Prayers can be found here.

9:30 am Walking Meditation (Guidebooks are available at the Centre)


We conduct Shinto ceremonies for special requests (Gokitō), including baby blessings, weddings, funerals, prayers for good health, removal of obstacles, and other specific requests.

Please contact Rev. Evans to arrange details.