Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Donations and Service: Caring for the Centre is a community effort.

Matsuri Foundation of Canada is a nonprofit charity pursuing the mission to renew brightness in all beings. Through Shinmei Spiritual Centre we provide an environment for spiritual renewal and growth through Shinto, Great Nature, and other spiritual paths. 

Caring for the Centre is a community effort. We thank our Friends and Visitors for your support through donations and service.

奉 Friends of Matsuri  Community of support for the Centre. Your donation supports operations of the Centre and maintenance of Chinju no Mori (Sacred Forest) for the benefit of you and of all other Visitors. More info on Friends here

Programs and Events  Attending a program at the Centre? Please consider a donation to help support our operations.

Other Donations  To make a donation for special ceremony requests or for other purposes, please select this option.