Shin Mei Spiritual Centre


Michihiraki Omamori
Guidance and Protection

Michihiraki” is literally “Opening a path.” This particular Omamori is intended to provide protection and blessings for guidance.

The 8 cardinal directions are embroidered around the edge. The San Gen no Hōsoku (Triangle Circle Square) symbol is embroidered in the centre.

This Omamori is from Tsubaki Grand Shrine (Japan).


Omamori (お守り) are amulets for protection and blessings. The word “omamori” can be translated to “to protect” or “to guard.”

Omamori are typically small, fabric pouches made of silk or other materials. They also come in the format of cards (that can be carried in a wallet) or stickers. They contain a sacred inscription, prayer, or a written blessing.

People purchase Omamori from shrines as a form of spiritual support and often hang them on bags, backpacks, or keep them in their homes or cars.

Omamori are considered sacred and should be treated with respect. They are usually replaced or returned to the shrine for ritual disposal after a certain period, typically one year, and new Omamori are obtained.