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Tsubaki Grand Shrine Ofuda of Sarutahiko no O Kami

Sarutahiko no O Kami is the main enshrined kami of Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Mie, Japan. Ancestor and leader of all earthly kami, Sarutahiko no O Kami is the great Kami of  guidance and protection who carries the mission to lead human beings to progress correctly in accord with the movements and flow of Divine Nature. By following Sarutahiko no O Kami we can stand firmly on the divine earth, purify various obstacles and make progress step-by-step.

If you are not sure of your Ujigami 氏神 (Clan Kami), Ubusunagami 産土神 (Birthplace Guardian Kami), or Chinjugami 鎮守神 (Local Guardian Kami), this Ofuda can be used in the role of an Ujigami Ofuda, because Sarutahiko no O Kami is the leader of all earthly Kami.


  • If you have a Kamidana, please place this Ofuda on your Kamidana, inside the Ita or Miya (small shine) if you have one.
  • If you do not have a Kamidana please place this Ofuda in a sacred space in your home or a central place in your home.
  • Place the Ofuda higher than eye-level and facing south or east if possible.
  • You can take the Ofuda out of its shop bag, but please keep the translucent paper cover on the Ofuda to preserve the Ofuda’s purity.


Duration: This Ofuda is your in-home connection to the Kami so it is traditional to replace it annually to strengthen and renew your connection to the Kami.


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