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This Omamori is in the design of the 瓢箪 Hyotan (Lucky Gourd). Gourds have been used since ancient times both as medicine bottles and as good luck charms to ward off illness and bad luck.

The gourd is thought to be protective because negative energy or ill health get drawn into the gourd, flow through the narrow part and become trapped inside the lower section, thus keeping you safe. This omamori is intended to be used along with standard medical care.

Inside the gourd is a secret picture of Ame no Uzume no Mikoto, and is intended to call on her protection as you travel the path to good health.

The Lucky Gourd omamori is made of resistant plastic suitable for rougher environments, such as attachment to a key ring, backpack, or gym bag. The brass bell makes a bright tinkling sound, even if it’s inside a bag or purse. This omamori was made in Japan.

Duration: This omamori is thought to absorb negative energy so it is traditional to replace it annually, or sooner if it gets cracked or broken.

These keychains are available in the 5 lucky Shinto colors (Goshiki 五色):

  • Marbled Red-Orange – Strength and Protection, fire elemental energy
  • Marbled Green – Vitality and New Beginnings, wood elemental energy
  • Marbled White – Purification and Clarity, metal elemental energy
  • Marbled Yellow – Luck and Prosperity, earth elemental energy
  • Marbled Purple – Long Life and to Prevent Disasters, water elemental energy


Colors may differ substantially due to variations in manufacture.
Please leave an order note about your first and second color choices, and we will send them if possible, otherwise you will be sent a randomly selected color.


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