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Protective amulet for your home, office, dojo, dorm room, or anywhere you want protected.

Please place this Gofu inside your entryway next to the door.

Installation: Traditionally the Gofu would be placed on the outer gate facing out to guard against negative energy coming into the house. In modern practice, most people will place it inside their entrance.

  • Place the Gofu higher than eye-level on the wall above or beside your door, facing south or east if possible.
  • Please affix this Gofu with tape or glue. Piercing it with a pin or nail will damage the Gofu, deactivating its protective qualities.
  • Alternatively, place the Gofu in a clear holder or frame, and then affix the holder or frame with a nail or pin (as long as the Gofu is not pierced).
  • Or, tape or glue the Gofu to a piece of cardstock and affix the cardstock with a nail or pin (as long as the Gofu is not pierced).


Duration: This Gofu is thought to absorb negative energy so it is traditional to replace it annually.


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