Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

The Gyōmandō is in the tradition of Tsubaki Ō Kami Yashiro (Mie, Japan), combining Shinto and Buddhist sacred items.

The kami enshrined here are Sarutahiko no Ō Kami and Ame no Uzume no Mikoto. The statue depicts Guru Rinpoche.

This secluded building is used for private meditation, and for veneration of ancestors and others who have passed.

Suggested prayer:

Ancestral Prayer SOREI HAISHI

I respectfully pray to the generations and generations of my ancestors, and especially to the spirit of [insert name]. I present these offerings and prayers with humility and reverence.

Yoyo no mi oyatachi [nanigashi no mitama] no mimae oOrogami matsurite tsutsushimi uyamai mo maosaku

I beseech you to accept these offerings that I present with heart-felt gratitude for the multitude of blessings that have been bestowed on me.

Hiroki atsuki mi megumi o katajikenami matsuri

Humbly, I ask that you impart to me your venerable teachings for living with sincerity.

Takaki tōtoki mioshie no manimani

Encourage me in my efforts to live righteously, To unite the hearts of my family members, To live in harmony, with respect and service to others.

Mi o tsutsushimi waza ni hagemi Ukara yakara moromoro kokoro o awase Mutsubi nagomite Uyamai tsukae matsuru sama o