Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

This magnificent shrine was the original shrine structure for Tsubaki America in Stockton, California in 1987.

We have just placed the shrine structure on the pedestal, and it is undergoing minor repairs. The kamisama will be installed in the shrine with a formal ceremony in March, 2024.

The goshintai, or sacred objects wherein the kami reside, are currently housed in the haiden (prayer hall).

The smaller shrine, in front of Tsubaki Grand Shrine, is Shin Mei Jinja. It is most unusual to have two shrines in front of the haiden (prayer hall)–this is only because we are in the midst of the transfer process. Shin Mei Jinja has been the seat for the kami here since 1999. Once we complete installation of the kami in Tsubaki Grand Shrine, Shin Mei Jinja will be relocated. It will be placed in the small forested area between the Centre and the Misogi Beach.

Please offer prayers from your heart.