Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Lama Rabten teaches meditation and spiritual renewal in the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Lama Rabten Tshering

Lama Rabten Tshering has joined Shin Mei Spiritual Centre as a resident teacher. For those who wish to practice and study under his tutelage, such an opportunity is available through a structured program several times a year at Shin Mei.

When requested, Lama Rabten can also offer instructions and teachings according to your interest and practice level, especially within the context of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. If you wish individualized instruction, please contact us.

We are delighted to discuss with you in further detail.

For more information on Lama Rabten’s background and his ongoing work at Nalandabodhi, please click here.

Tashi delek, and may all be auspicious!

O precious and sublime bodhicitta,

May it arise in those in whom it has not arisen,

May it never decline where it has arisen,

But go on increasing, further and further!