Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Forest Prayer Shrine

Kinomori Jinja was originally installed in 1999 on Salt Spring Island at Bright Woods Spiritual Centre. We moved the Centre to Knapp Island in 2021 and subsquently moved this exquisite shrine to Knapp Island; the kami were installed in September 2022.  The kami enshrined here are:

As you approach the torii in front of the shrine, please

Then, please offer your personal prayers and wishes. Repeat the sequence of bows and claps to conclude your session.

Suggested prayer:

Sacred Prayer SHIN PAISHI

Humbly, I approach the kami in prayer.

Kakema kumo kashikoki

I pray to the kami of Kinomori Jina; speaking with reverent heart, I present offerings and prayers. I come in humility and with great respect. I beseech all the kami to accept these offerings that are brought with gratitude for the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.

Kinomori Jinja no ōmae o orogami matsurite Kashikomi kashikomi mo maosaku Ō kamitachi no hiroki atsuki mi megumi o katajikenami matsuri

To the divine, exalted kami, I humbly offer my prayers. Teach me to live with a pure and sincere heart.

Takaki tōtoki mioshie no mani mani Sumera mikoto o aogi matsuri naoki tadashiki magokoro mochite

Grant me perseverance and that my heart be genuine, childlike, and true.  Grant that I stay on the path of sincerity and truth.

Makoto no michi ni tagō koto naku

Grant that I be strong and diligent at my deeds. Grant good health to my family; give them strength in spirit, mind, and body. Grant that I may benefit and serve all mankind.

Oimotsu waza ni hage mashime tamai Ie kado takaku mi sukoyaka ni Yo no tame hito no tame ni tsukusashime tamae to

With awe and reverence, I humbly speak these words.

Kashikomi kashikomi mo maosu