Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Kinomori Jinja

Kinomori Jinja.

Kinomori Jinja is nestled in an opening amidst the fir and arbutus trees at the north end of the sacred forest.

The kamisama were installed in the shrine on September 17, 2022.

  • Sarutahiko no O Kami Head of all earthly Kami, he guards the junction between earth and heaven.

  • Ame no Uzume no Mikoto Kami of harmony, meditation, and marriage. Wife of Sarutahiko no O Kami. A fearless kami who, through clever and positive actions, can redirect difficult situations to positive ones.

  • Chinju no Mori no O Kami Chunju no Mori is the name of this sacred forest area. These are the kami residing in this forest, teaching us to live with gratitude and in harmony with Great Nature

What is the meaning of “Kinomori Jinja”?

Ki 祈 means prayer. “No” の means of. Mori 森 means forest. Jinja 神社 means shrine.

Kinomori Jinja = Forest Prayer Shrine