Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Getting Grounded

Touch is a significant way to connect to the Earth. Slip your shoes off, and feel the cool blades of grass on your bare feet. The warm stones on the beach. The spongy moss in the forest. The warm soil in your backyard.

It is so easy, in our busy and crowded day, to walk across the earth—to glide above it—without really connecting. But that connection can bring us great calm. Slow the heart rate. Restore happiness and health.

Proponents of Earthing, or grounding explain that the Earth’s negative ions are antioxidants. They neutralize oxidants, or free radicals in your body. This might be a valid scientific explanation.

But, what I do know is that touching the earth feels good. It is renewing. And it connects me to Nature.

Just go outside. Take your shoes off. Walk, or sit with your bare feet on the ground. See what happens.