Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Summer Solstice: a Fresh Start

It’s no accident that one of the year’s most important purification rituals takes place at the end of June. We’re halfway through the year already. Time to pause. Reflect on what’s gone well. And what hasn’t.

Shinto is all about gratitude. And purification to move forward with the brightness and renewal of our ki, our life spirit. Simple, right? But, “simple” isn’t always easy.

And so, we have rituals that embody these values and enable us to experience  life renewal. And to move forward with positivity and blessings.

The participants transfer their negative energy—tsumi and kegare—into paper doll forms called katashiro. After a purification ceremony, everyone walks through the chinowa large reed ring 3 times. This protects us from misfortune, illness, and recharges our life energy.

The katashiro are then cast into the ocean, where the kami will dissolve the impurities.

Join us for this great celebration and renewal!