Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Transferring Kami to Shin Mei

Yesterday, 3 priests arrived in Seattle from Tsubaki Grand Shrine (Japan): Guji Yamamoto (High Priest), Gon Guji Shiba (Assistant High Priest), and Negi Iwasaki (Senior Priest). We are so very honoured to have them visit us here in North America!

Today, we will be conducting Senza Sai ceremony at Tsubaki America in Granite Falls, Washington to remove the Goshintai, the sacred object containing the kamisama spirits.

Next, we will travel back to Shin Mei Jinja to perform Kari Senza Sai to transfer the goshintai and install them in a purified location in Shin Mei Jinja.

Next week I will share more details and photos!