Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Root Booster

This week we treated our newly planted forest friends (70 new beings in total) to Root Booster. As we were carefully measuring out each tree’s portion, I reflected on the similarities between the growth needs of trees and humans.

We were counseled by our arborist that we must help these young trees establish broad, strong roots. This is necessary before we encourage rapid growth of the branches, limbs, and leaves/needles. Strong roots will give them stability in stormy weather. And enable them to more readily absorb nutrients and water.

So, we as humans are not so different. In our spiritual lives, we also need to establish roots—strong foundations. Not quite as simple as receiving 3 L of Root Booster! But, it does have a formula as well:

Practice + Consistency = Spiritual Root Expansion

When you begin your day, do you have a spiritual routine? Do you have a regular practice of prayer and/or meditation? Do you have a routine to close the day? These do not have to be long; be realistic about what will fit into your day. Having established routines will help you build your foundation and extend your “roots.” And these roots will keep you upright and steady when life conditions get stormy. 

Looking for suggestions on how to structure a routine? Come visit Shin Mei and we can talk about what prayers/meditation practice will serve you best.

Kansha (Peace),