Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

Walking meditation

At Shin Mei Spiritual Centre, we have multiple paths for Walking Meditation.

Since this is a popular form of practice, I thought I would share some information on how to best do Walking Meditation.

Guide To Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is popular in the Zen Buddhist tradition. These days in the west most meditators do a combination of sitting and walking meditation. This is a most healthy way to do so. If you are in a monastery then the story is different. If you are only doing sitting meditation it is not particularly good for physical health. We need to train both our body and mind to balance these two essentials. When we practice with people, then follow the leader. Distance between everyone should be 2 metres. The pace should not be too fast or too slow. Time is around 7 or 8 minutes if indoors. If outdoor then of course it may be longer. There is no such thing as a solid rule to follow. Just follow your schedule and time, be flexible.  


You can practice walking meditation either indoors or outside in nature. The best method is outside in nature if the weather and environment allow you to do so: If not, then do it indoors in the shrine room avoiding noise and interruptions. 

How to Do It: 

It is most important to be natural and not at all robotic. It is not much different from actual sitting meditation. Be aware of everything surrounding you without looking around everywhere. The right hand fist should be on top of the left palm. Or if preferred hang the hands loosely by the sides. Feet fully on the ground be aware that the sole touches the ground completely. Walk not too quickly and not too slowly. Physically relax and balance the whole body. Be aware of every step and in another word, be fully present. 


If followed properly and repeatedly you should find that everyday stress is relieved and tensions are reduced. Your thoughts will be clearer and your mind more coherent. This is an excellent method to reinvigorate yourself. Try it, you will like it!