Shin Mei Spiritual Centre

New years greetings

Beginnings carry hope and promise; with the start of this new year, we offer prayers for health and happiness for our families, our communities, and indeed for the world in these especially challenging times.

To lay a foundation for this important beginning time, we have cleaned our homes and surroundings and chant prayers for purification and blessings. In Shinto ceremony, the sharp resounding sound of the taiko drum cuts through the air to dispel negative energy. By contrast, the suzu bells rung during the closing prayer, make sweet gentle sounds that soothe our spirits.

2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. This means it is a year for bold action, since the tiger is known for it power and daring nature. This is a time of change. Water is associated with being sensitive, creative, and open to change. It is also extremely powerful; it can extinguish fire, go around any obstacle in its path, and cut through stone. Thus, the coming year will be one of strong actions.

We look forward to greeting you at Shin Mei in this new year.